Ray of Hope Christian Church Launches Project 10/10/10

Ray of Hope Christian Church
Decatur, Georgia

United Church of Christ of the Congo (ECC)
Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Project 10/10/ 10 is a fundraiser sponsored by the Ray of Hope Christian Church Women's Ministry to benefit women who are working to rebuild their lives in war-torn Congo. They are asking at least 100 persons in Ray of Hope Christian Church to donate $10.00 a month for 10 months.  They say,

….that's only 33 cents a day! Our goal is to raise at least $ 10,000.00 for women in the Congo by March 2016. Your gift will educate, train, and empower women with skills to support her family and create a sustainable future. 

The Ray of Hope Christian Church will partner with Global Ministries by supporting the Women’s Micro Credit Program of the United Church of Christ of the Congo to play a pivotal role in helping Congolese women in eastern Congo realize their dream of a better world in the midst of tragedy and often despair. 

In the war torn eastern Congo, women rise above the negativity of a war that has been responsible for the death of more than six million people in the last decade to find healing for themselves and others. While peace has been re-established in most of the country, women and girls still suffer from gender-based violence. Yet, they refuse the labels that objectify them or limit them to being weapons of war as these do not characterize the positive ways in which they contribute to the crucial development of church and society. 

The ECC’s Women’s Micro Credit Program has allowed women in eastern Congo to start sustainable businesses enabling them to increase their skills and financial means to care for themselves, their children, and to reintegrate into society with dignity.

Learn more about the United Church of Christ in the Congo's work with Women in Eastern Congo here.