RCH Newsletter: March 15 – Day of Freedom and Revolution

RCH Newsletter: March 15 – Day of Freedom and Revolution

Our Freedom and our Press Day of Revolution, Independence and Freedom of Press Today, Hungary is celebrating the anniversary of its 1848-1849 revolution and war for independence. 15th March, starting date of the Revolution against the Austrian Empire, marks also the day of Free Press in Hungary. Reflection from the Editor-in-chief of our website.

We Are Citizens Of God’s Kingdom

Interview with the new Coordinator of our Refugee Ministry

Pakistani and Hungarian, but above all: Christian. This is how Angela Canadey, coordinator of the Refugee Ministry of RCH – who arrived in Hungary as a refugee with her family – speaks about herself.

In-Person Worship Suspended Again

Let’s stick together in trouble!

The Presidency Council of RCH announced the suspension of in-person worship and community events for the period of 8 through 26 March as the country goes into lockdown once again. The hope is that churches will reopen before Easter.