Living Stones Resources

Living Stones Resources

This resource offers you a broader and fairer understanding of the people and places in the land of the Bible, especially the land that was called Palestine since Roman times.  Its emphasis is on Christianity in the Holy Land and it offers you tools to continue your understanding and study. It also will lead you to information and experiences that are alternatives to mass tourism and mass media.

 Living Stones: Christians and the Middle East

Israel/Palestine Background and Definitions
Additional Sources for Information
Ideas for Travel

 Just a Short Note

Most of this material was written before the March/April 2002 incursions by the Israelis into the West Bank and Gaza.  The accuracy of phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses in that area should be verified. We have checked them as best we can.

The website was written from the United States and for use primarily by members of the UCC and Disciples.  Phone numbers in the USA and Canada do not have a country prefix and addresses in the USA do not list a country at the end.  When a phone or Fax number has a + sign in front of it, use the international access code from your own country.

Please feel free to make copies of pages for use with groups to help educate people and to prepare groups for travel in the Middle East. 

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