Pray for China on Sunday July 11, 2010

Pray for China on Sunday July 11, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for China: Luke 10:25-37

God, help us to see the ways in which we can help our neighbors. Let us feel their needs as thousands try to rebuild their lives after devastating floods, and also share their joys as the Zhoukou church continues to become an ever brighter beacon of hope to their desperately poor community. Guide us in becoming a truly Global community, as you have hoped we would be. Amen

Pray for:

-Flood effected areas where thousands have been displaced, and their livelyhoods have been destroyed.

-Zhoukou church, as it grows it’s programs and out reach missions in AIDS ineffected Henan province.

-Amity foundation, as it begins it’s Summer English Program with nearly 50 volunteers assisting with further education for China’s rural teachers. 

 (Prayer by Tom Morse)

Global Ministries International Partners in China:

Global Ministries Personnel in China:

Tom Morse has been working in China for 3 years with the Amity foundation training English teachers for rural schools. He is now working for the D.O.C. founded Drum Tower Hospital in Nanjing.

Doreen and Michael McFarlane served for three years as professors at Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, in Nanjing China, where Doreen taught Biblical Hebrew and Greek, and scriptural studies and Michael was choir director and taught sacred music courses. This past year, they have moved to Shanghai where they continue teaching but with very different groups of students. Doreen currently teaches American Christianity at Shanghai University while Michael produces monthly concerts and leads a Seniors Choir at the newest branch of the YMCA. Doreen also teaches American Religion and Culture to a class of seniors at the Y. In addition, they both lead the downtown YMCA branch of the English Club. In this Shanghai work, the McFarlanes have the great opportunity to relate to a wide variety of Chinese people: younger and older, Christians and non Christians.