Pray for Honduras on Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pray for Honduras on Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Honduras: Matthew 23.1-12

Compassionate God, we watched this week as heavy rains sent humble homes occupied by the poorest of the poor tumbling down the mountains of Tegucigalpa.  We have seen the streets and businesses filled with flood waters.  We read of roads and bridges disappearing, swept away in the rain, leaving villages stranded.  And, we have witnessed the indifference of the rich to the plight of the poor.  We have heard the poor being blamed for their plight –for building their homes in risky areas, for having more children than they can be cared for in the midst of a disaster, for cutting down the trees for firewood to cook their food that has resulted in the landslides.   

Help us, caring God, to feel outraged.  Help us, loving God to feel indignant.  Help us to not tie up and heap yet another heavy load on the shoulders of the poor who suffer the most.  Help us to be moved to respond, to lift our hands and move our feet and raise our voices and to practice what we preach.  Move us to feel compassion and free us to serve your pueblo in Honduras.  Amen.

  • Pray for all those who have been affected by recent flooding and landslides in Honduras, to those who have lost their homes, their land and their lives.  Pray for the church Fuente de Bendición and their pastor Miguel, where eight church families who live in extreme poverty have lost all they own. 
  • Pray for those living in extreme poverty in Honduras, 2/3 of the population, as they struggle with rising costs for basic foods and transportation while salaries remain below the poverty level. 
  • Pray for the new president of CCD, Fredy Murrillo and the new director of CTEH, Noemi Espinoza. 
  • Pray for youth in Honduras who have such limited options because of lack of educational opportunity, and high levels of unemployement (60%) that they are easy targets for gangs. 
  • Pray for people living and dying with HIV-AIDS in Honduras where levels of the disease are rising astronomically and where medicines are not available. 
  • Pray for the students in public schools, and their teachers who strike because they haven’t been paid in months, for patients and health workers who strike because they haven’t been paid all year (!) and for the government to make wise decisions to resolve these problems. 

Global Ministries International Partners in Honduras:

  • Christian Commission on Development (CCD): Ecumenical organization based in Tegucigalpa working on sustainable development projects with churches and communities in Honduras. Residential technical training program for youth “at risk,” those who have limited life options because of living in extreme poverty.  Sponsor work groups from the US to come and work in impoverished communities on development projects.
  • Theological Community of Honduras (CTEH): Ecumenical theological education at high school, and college  level.  Theological Education provided at grade school level in many rural communities, and in Tegucigalpa.   Ecumenical dialogues.  A weekend Jr. High and High school education for working adults.  Technical education program with classes in computers, electronics repair, auto mechanics, beauty school for youth ages 12-25 living in extreme poverty.  Preschool and kindergarten classes for poor children from the surrounding neighborhood in partnership with World Vision.  A medical clinic with medical services for students, staff and members of the community including medications at low cost ($1 for a medical consult including medications).  HIV-AIDS education project with religious organizations and churches throughout Honduras. 
  • Evangelical and Reformed Church of Honduras (IERH): Synod leadership is based in San Pedro Sula with 50 or so congregations spread out through the northern portion of Honduras. 
  • Mennonite Social Commission (CASM):

Global Ministries Missionaries in Honduras:

Bruce and Linda Hanson are assigned to the Christian Commission on Development (CCD) to serve the Theological Community of Honduras (CTEH).  Bruce works in a clinic located at the Theological Community and accompanies visiting medical groups, while Linda is teaching theological courses and serves as dean of the Theological Community. 

Kevin Howe is a Global Mission Intern working with the Christian Commission on Development (CCD) working in the area of communications and hosting groups.