Pray for Honduras on Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pray for Honduras on Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Honduras: Mark 10:17-31

Loving God,

We come before you today together as your children.  We come before you today and ask that we may know that sometimes what you ask of us is difficult, but that with you, all things are possible.  We come before you and ask that you may help heal the wounds in a hurting country.  We come before you with hope for the future of Honduras.  We come before you and ask that we may do what we can to help in the lives of others, even if it means compromising our own wealth.  For the wealth we may have in this world is nothing compared to the wealth we have in you.

Prayer Requests:

  • The staff of the CCD, that they may continue striving towards sustainable development in Honduras.
  • Understanding from both political parties struggling for power, and hurting many in the process.
  • Safety, comfort, and healing for those effected by the human rights violations ranging from violations from police officers to having chemicals dumped on them from a helicopter.
  • Discernment for the Council of Latin American Churches, which recently concluded their tour of Honduras and their discussions on the situation here, that they may bring information to their home countries and congregations.

(Prayer by Alan Dicken)

Global Ministries International Partners in Honduras:

  • Christian Commission on Development (CCD): Ecumenical organization based in Tegucigalpa working on sustainable development projects with churches and communities in Honduras.
  • Honduran Theological Community (CTH): Ecumenical theological education with a residence program in Tegucigalpa and distance learning cells throughout Honduras.
  • Evangelical and Reformed Church of Honduras (IERH): Synod leadership is based in San Pedro Sula with 50 or so congregations spread out through the northern portion of Honduras.
  • Association of Evangelical Institutions of Honduras (AIEH): Social action arm of the Evangelical and Reformed church.
  • Mennonite Social Commission (CASM):

Global Ministries Missionary in Honduras:

Alan Dicken, a member of Tylersville Road Christian Church, Mason, Ohio, serves as a Global Mission Intern with the Christian Commission of Development (CCD) in Honduras. He works in the communications ministry and assists with hosting groups visiting the CCD.