Pray for Hong Kong on Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pray for Hong Kong on Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayer for Hong Kong: John 1:1-18

God’s holy light sets hearts aglow,

It makes more clear the way to go.

Rejoice, my soul, and do not fear,

Follow His light, through this New Year.

–  Y.T. Tsiang, 1931, tr. Frank W. Price, 1953

O, Lord, as we enter the new decade, we remember your faithfulness to us in every generation. We give thanks most of all for your son Jesus Christ, who brings eternal life to all creation. May Your holy light dispel the darkness in this world of sin and sorrow through Your church in Hong Kong and China. Let us go forward with confidence that whatever may come, Your light will shine in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it! Amen.

(Prayer by Judy Chan)

Global Ministries International Partners Hong Kong:

  • Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs: – Federation of YMCA movements in 27 countries in the Asia and Pacific region, with programs for global citizenship and social responsibility, peace with justice and sustainability for life.
  • Asian Human Rights Commission: – An independent, non-governmental body, which seeks to promote greater awareness and realization of human rights in the Asia region, and to mobilize Asian and international public opinion to obtain relief and redress for the victims of human rights violations.
  • Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture: -Ecumenical research institute for study of the religions and culture of China, including Hong Kong.
  • Chung Chi College Divinity School: – Ecumenical seminary providing theological education for church leaders and laity. The school is supported by mainline churches and is part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong Christian Council: – Ecumenical body of mainline churches and Christian organizations. It works for a united Christian witness and mission in Hong Kong society.
  • Hong Kong Christian Institute: – Christian center for education and advocacy on issues of social concern.  The organization promotes human rights, democracy and justice in Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong Christian Service: – One of HK’s largest social service agencies. It was started by mainline churches and provides Christian Service for “The Healing and Growth of People.”
  • Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China: (Chinese version only) – Hong Kong church denomination with historic Congregational and Presbyterian roots. The Council has 65 congregations and is the sponsoring body for more than 50 elementary and secondary schools.
  • Hong Kong Women Christian Council: – Organization to fight for social justice and women’s rights, to promote feminist theology and to stand with marginalized communities.

Global Ministries Missionaries in Hong Kong:

  • Judy Chan is a Global Ministries missionary serving with the Hong Kong Christian Council in communications.  She is in charge of ecumenical radio broadcasting ministry, English publications and ecumenical partnerships in Hong Kong and overseas.
  • Bruce Van Voorhis serves as missionary with the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs in Hong Kong. He works as Coordinator for Interfaith Programs.