Pray for Hong Kong on Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pray for Hong Kong on Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lectionary Selection: Luke 7: 1-10

Prayers for Hong Kong:
O God, in a world immersed in pain and suffering, we turn to you for help. We lift up the nation of China where many are struggling to recover from earthquakes, landslides, drought, disease and poverty. At times, the problems seem bigger than we can handle. O Lord, give us faith like the centurion who had absolute trust in the healing touch of Jesus. Give us humility to acknowledge our unworthiness to come into the presence of Your Son. Most of all, give us confidence in the power of Your word over every tragic situation. May we offer our hearts and hands and voices to neighbors near and far in thanksgiving for your countless gifts of love which are still ours today. Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Hong Kong:
At a recent retreat of Hong Kong Christian Council, the staff were asked to meditate on what we would do if Jesus came to spend a day with us. Where would we take him? What activities would we plan? Most said they would take Jesus around Hong Kong to our office, to the church, around the city. However, one co-worker said she would take Jesus to the earthquake-stricken areas of Sichuan Province in mainland China. She felt his presence and prayers would be a great comfort to the victims of the 7.0 earthquake in late April. I was very touched by her words. Indeed, Hong Kong Christian Council has been bringing the love of God to China and other needy places for over 30 years through our program “Five Loaves and Two Fish”. Besides providing emergency relief after natural disasters, we are active in short-term and long-term reconstruction efforts.

Another initiative is in the education sector in mainland China. Our scholarships for high school and university students have helped lift the basic education standard in poor regions. We have witnessed the development and growth of those receiving help. Behind every recipient, there is a Hong Kong donor who is willing to walk together with a young person as a friend and mentor.

We also seek to improve the lives of rural villagers. Projects such as the water diversion project, village health centers and water cellars have raised the living standards of many national level poverty-stricken counties. Five Loaves and Two Fish cares about the spiritual needs as well. Together with the Three Self Patriotic Movement and China Christian Council, we helped build a new dormitory for a Christian drug rehabilitation center in Yunnan. The Hong Kong Christian Council is committed to serve the suffering of the world so they may experience the love of God and the blessings of the “Five Loaves and Two Fish” miracle.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Judy Chan)

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Judy Chan, a member of National Capital Presbytery, serves the Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC). She is jointly appointed by the Presbyterian Church, USA and Global Ministries. She works as a communications specialist in charge of the ecumenical radio broadcasting ministry and editor of English publications.