Pray for Laos on Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pray for Laos on Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lectionary Selection: John 20:19–31

Prayers for Laos:
Mighty God, in whom we know the power of redemption, you stand among us in the shadows of our time. As we move through every sorrow and trial of this life, uphold us with knowledge of the final morning when, in the glorious presence of your risen Son, we will share in his resurrection, redeemed and restored to the fullness of life and forever freed to be your people. Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Laos:
After a few weeks of volunteering at the Laos National Children’s hospital, Karen talked to me about her concern for the children who were arriving burned or injured from home accidents. These accidents could have been prevented had parents exercised child safety precautions.

Karen Vinacour, a retired social worker from New York, volunteered over the past three months at the Laos National Children’s hospital and the Lao Disabled Women Development Center (LDWDC).  She brought a depth of experience from her work with children and adolescents in hospitals, clinics, and schools throughout the United States and Australia. 

In her time here she felt called to create a course on “Safety at Home for Children” especially after seeing so many injuries that could have been prevented. She taught the course to nurses and doctors in charge of the inpatient unit and on March 16, 2014, gave her first presentation to mothers, fathers, and caregivers of sick children on the topic of home safety and children.

The course was very well received by 12 adult caregivers, 9 doctors, and a number of nurse interns who learned about averting home hazards for children. The Social work students talked with caregivers individually. It was amazing to see how eager the parents were to share their experience and talk about safety concerns not only in their own homes but also the homes of relatives and friends.  They told stories most of which were related to water, cooking, and falling down stairs, or off of chairs. They left with many protective measures for preventing injuries to their children.

Thank you for your generous support and prayers that make this ministry and these programs possible.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Xuyen Dangers)

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Xuyen Dangers is a social work supervisor in Laos/Vietnam who trains Social work university students as interns in Donkoi Children Development Center. She serves also serves as a Social work supervisor of 5 other centers, Social work advisor, as Faculty of Social Sciences, and the National University of Laos, for Church World Service and Witness (NCCC).