Pray for Laos on Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pray for Laos on Sunday, September 2, 2012

Prayer for Laos: Mark 7: 1 –8, 14-15, 21-23

O God, we give great thanks for the dreams and visions of generous people all around the world. When basic needs can be met with a plan, many hands and giving hearts, much gets accomplished. A Vietnamese proverb says ” Mot cay lam chang nen non  ba cay chup lai nen ho nui cao” ( one  tree  cannot make anything ,  three trees together make a  high mountain ).

We pray for the Lao youth and children  that they may have opportunities to  learn and  live productive lives. We ask that we may have the courage to dream with them and help to make those dreams come true.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Laos:
Last year a team of high schoolers built an outhouse for the elementary school in Donesangphai, Laos. Ketkeo was one of the most enthusiastic students about the new bathroom at her school.  She was then in grade 3. When asked if she had a bathroom at her home she said no, but she dreamed of having one some day. The story of Ketko’s dream was sent to many people  and suddenly the wheels began turning. I asked the local youth volunteer group to do a survey  to  see how many families in the village had no bathroom.  They found there were 25 families.  I thought,  maybe  we can start with just one bathroom.  I had some undesignated donations amounting to $190 US and $100 from Japan.

The dream bathroom for Ketkeo project was planned. When we told Ketkeo’s father about it he immediately began to dig for the  septic tank  so that when the construction began he would be ready.  The volunteers drew up a plan, enlisted the villager’s help, and bought the supplies. So many volunteers came including many of Ketkeo’s family and friends. The youth worked with loving care, Ketkeo’s grandparents prepared and served lunch, the school’s principal helped. Work began on a Friday and was completed by the end of the weekend!

Ketkeo wrote a story about the dream bathroom project, wrote a thank you letter  with a drawing  which was sent to the donors. We   continue to raise funds to    help other families  build bathrooms in Donesangphai.

(Prayer and Mission Moment Xuyen Dangers)

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Xuyen Dangers is a social worker in Laos/Vietnam. She serves as a Social work supervisor of Donkoi child center and 5 other centers, Social work advisor, Faculty of Social Sciences, and the National University of Laos, for Church World Service and Witness (NCCC).