Pray for Sri Lanka on Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pray for Sri Lanka on Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lectionary Selection: Amos 7:7-17

Prayers for Sri Lanka:

Uniting God, it is in You that we are all able to come together as your people, without hierarchies, boundaries or divisions.

Help us seek out ways to better unite our communities.

Urge us on our journey to be your disciples.

Persuade us to reach out to that unknown or unfamiliar person in our midst.

Cheer us onward when we stumble.

Guide us in times of uncertainty as we seek to stretch our comfort zones

And bind us God, bind us ever closer to You and to one another as we seek to create Your kingdom here in this place.

It is in our love for You that we pray, Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Sri Lanka:

Last month at Jaffna College in Northern Sri Lanka, student athletes were invited from the surrounding provinces to participate in sporting events ranging from basketball and soccer, to netball and field hockey. This event is one of many such efforts taking place all over Sri Lanka to help promote community building and cross-cultural acceptance in the country’s younger generation.

Though the war has ceased, division and suspicion still endure across the different peoples of Sri Lanka. In our Global Ministries school partners, special care is taken to counteract these habits and instead promote equality and community across cultural lines, language barriers, and religions.

As Jesus sends us out to blaze new trails of Christian brotherhood and share the good news, we are called to reach out to our neighbors, all our neighbors, in love and in peace. Today, may we remember the important lesson our Sri Lankan neighbors teach us in how to rebuild God’s kingdom.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Julianna Nitz)

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Julianna Nitz, a member of Central Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky, serves as a Global Mission Intern with the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India in Sri Lanka. She will works as a music teacher at the Uduvil Girls College, Christian Theological Seminary and Jaffna College.