Pray for Swaziland on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pray for Swaziland on Sunday, March 1, 2015

swaziland_gogos2.jpgLectionary Selection: Mark 8:31-38

Prayers for Swaziland:

Dear God,
We know that many times we get caught up in focusing on worldly things, so we ask for your help in refocusing our hearts and minds.
We humbly ask that you
   Enlighten what may be dark in us…..
   Strengthen what may be weak in us…..
   Mend what may be broken in us…..
   Bind what may be bruised in us…..
   Heal what may be sick in us…..
   And please revive whatever Peace & Love that may have died in us…..
In the Awesome name of Jesus,


swaziland_gogos1.jpgMission Stewardship Moment from Swaziland:

As we work with the Neighborhood Care Points (NCPs) here in Swaziland, we are reminded of Jesus’ love for children. Many AIDS orphans are left behind due to the scourge of a terrible disease, and of course they are innocent victims. Most of the NCPs are in rural areas that are sometimes hard to reach by car during the rainy season. Each NCP with which we are familiar has 2 “grannies” who fix one hot meal per day for school age children and preschoolers as well as provide preschool training for the young ones. In addition, on Sundays the buildings host church services. When these grannies (or Go Go’s as they are called here) show up each morning, rain or shine, they represent all Christians who take seriously the call to be “our brother’s keeper.” They could just as easily stay at home on those very hot or rainy days, but they faithfully show up to help community members. Storms with heavy wind have sometimes damaged the small kitchen buildings, but the Go Go’s find another location to cook swaziland_gogos3.jpgthe ever-important hot meal. Using minimal teaching supplies, they teach children about words and numbers as well as Bible stories. As orphans reach school age, the committed women try to help them get the required school uniform so the children can walk to the closest primary school and secondary school. The journey can take from thirty minutes to two hours to reach the closest schools. Students and Go Go’s appear to understand the value of an education. In our view, these Go Go’s are willing to “take up the cross” and do that which God has called them to meet the needs in their community.       

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Terry and Diana Hutter)

Mission Partners in Swaziland:

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Global Ministries Missionary in Swaziland:
Terry and Diana serve as Long-term Volunteers with the Khukhan’Okusha Zion Church in Swaziland. They serve as coordinators of the development programs. Their appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples’ Mission Fund, Our Churches Wider Mission, and your special gifts.