Pray for the Dominican Republic on Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pray for the Dominican Republic on Sunday, December 18, 2016

20161117_100218.jpegLectionary Selection: Matthew 1:18-25

Prayers for the Dominican Republic:

Holy Creator,

You have given us many ways to receive your messages and love your creation better. Open our minds so that we receive dreams the way Joseph did. Soften our hearts so that we act with empathy in our relationships the way Joseph did. Strengthen our courage so that we accept the challenges you present to us in this life.

We lift up the developing partnerships of Caminante. Bless them as they journey into new projects and communities. Keep us ready to learn of new and challenging ways to honor them as our partner in mission.

May their deepest need be met by your unending love. May they continue to choose us as a companion in this work of making things on Earth as they are in Heaven.





20161117_104850.jpegMission Stewardship Moment from the Dominican Republic:

In this story Joseph is a reminder that we play an important role in the lives of people near to us. When we enter into relationships, social, romantic, political or otherwise, there is an implied agreement that we will care for the immediate reality of our new partner.

One way that Caminante mirrors Joseph’s compassionate partnership is with their weekly library programs. Morning sessions offer a range of activities to support elementary school students who are falling behind in school. From fine motor skill exercises to reading and writing activities, referred students have dedicated time and space to improve needed skills for their studies.

The stigma of having special learning needs can hinder participation in such programs. For this reason Caminante takes care to reduce opportunities of causing shame for the students and their families. Throughout the process, from gathering referred students to family meetings, Caminante priorities the compassionate partnership Joseph models in the text this week.

We, as partners of Caminante, are invited to follow their embodied study of Joseph’s example. To root ourselves in our faith and make daily decisions to respect and improve the lives of our partners. By doing this we, like Jospeh, will be honored with the chance to nurture God’s gifts to the world.

May we use today to live with humility and empathy.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Toni Reynolds)

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Toni Reynolds serves as a Global Mission Intern with the Proyecto Educativo Caminante. Her appointment is supported by Week of Compassion, Our Churches Wider Mission, Disciples Mission Fund and your special gifts.