Pray for Togo on Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pray for Togo on Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Togo: Mark 5:21-43

God, there are so many in our world who are trying to reach out and touch you in order to be whole. As we think of our sisters and brothers in Togo today, we focus our prayers especially on the youth of this nation where 45% of the population is under 15. We pray for parents, like Jarius, who find themselves in desperate situations in relationship to their children. We pray for strength for parents as they seek to provide for their children. We pray for the ministries of the YMCA as they reach out to young people through various ministries which seek to bring wholeness in fragmented parts of Togolese society. We pray especially for the rehabilitation program that the YMCA is implementing with young offenders in Togolese jails. As they seek to provide educational opportunities, healthcare and reintegration skills to the youth participants, may they experience the healing touch of Jesus in their lives. We also pray in a more general way for discernment as the Africa office of Global Ministries considers how Disciples and UCC can respond to the various ministries in this country. Amen.

(Prayer by Bob Shebeck)

Global Ministries International Contacts in Togo:

  • Togo Council of Churches 
  • Togo YMCA
  • Lutheran Church of Togo

Global Ministries Missionary in Togo:

None at the present time