September 2015: We are One Family

September 2015: We are One Family

Every ethnic group in heaven or on earth is recognized by God. Ephesians 3: 15

Here at the YWCA of Palestine, we are celebrating the completion of our report on the international conference on Women’s Freedom, Peace, and Dignity in Palestine. The conference was attended by people from all around the world who are working on issues related to women and violence and women’s leadership.  A number of staff and board members from Global Ministries as well as the Executive Minister of the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries attended this historic conference and helped contribute to its success. 

I am also working on our new electronic newsletter that is a compilation of news stories about how the occupation is affecting women’s lives, and how women are standing up for their rights under patriarchy. I am continuously exploring new ways to tell our story and call for advocacy. Some stories never make the news, but quietly happen every day. This is one of my experiences:

Walking down the Via Dolorosa (the Way of Sorrows) in Jerusalem just before Station of the Cross #8, I stopped to buy three little Hebron pottery bowls to replace the ones the cats and I broke. After paying my Muslim friend the shopkeeper, I was asked if I would do him a favor. I said of course. He wrote down the name of a Christian man and asked that I pray for him. He said he was a friend of the family and that this man was very sick. They had already gone to the Holy Sepulcher and lit a candle. Could I do the same at St. Andrews?

This circle of love by Muslims praying for Christians doesn’t make it into the news but it happens all the time, naturally. We are of one family not just Christ’s body.

Rev. Loren McGrail, serves our Mission Partner the YWCA of Palestine. Her appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciple’s Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission and your special gifts.

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