Prayer In Commemoration of the 200th Anniversery of the American Board

Prayer In Commemoration of the 200th Anniversery of the American Board

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Rooted in Mission:  Blooming in Faith

God, with seed you provide,
     we have sown far and wide.

Sometimes the soil has seemed rocky.
Years later we learn the seed were foreign,
     the vines we brought invasive and noxious.
Forgive us for persevering against your will,
     bringing disharmony, distrust and disease.
Show us the gardens of faith 
     we have been unable to see
     when we have not recognized
     the strength and beauty of the indigenous plans.

God, with music you provide,
     we have sung far and wide.

Sometimes we have feared other names for you
We have not recognized them:
     Wokanda, Nkulunkulu, Allah
Forgive us for being out of tune,
     for not recognizing the familiar melody
     for fearing discord.
God of many names,
     teach us to recognize your name
     in other languages and other faiths.

God, with welcome you provide,
     we have embraced far and wide.

Sometimes we have tried to limit your reign,
     limit your expansiveness
     by not seeing you as the God of all people.
Forgive us for selfishly claiming you as our own
     Denying others their rightful claim.
God of radical welcome,
     teach us to widen the circle
     to unify rather than divide

God, with justice you provide,
     we have stood firm far and wide.

Out of our faith, we reach out to your world.
     We have made mistakes,
     but we have learned.
Out of our passion, we extend ourselves.
     We have sown seeds of justice, love and peace
     throughout the garden of creation.
God of hope and promise,
     continue to use us as your instruments
          with eyes of wisdom.
     Continue to use us to spread your music
          with ears of compassion.
     Continue to use us to tend your garden,
          with hands of humility.

God, with abundance you provide,
     As we continue to sow Your seeds,
     Keep us grounded in mission
     and blooming in faith.