MissionWorkshops! Summary: Global Ministries Special Giving and Child Sponsorship

MissionWorkshops! Summary: Global Ministries Special Giving and Child Sponsorship

The special gifts from individuals and church groups who feel called to support the work of Global Ministries make possible many unique kinds of service for those in need, congregational growth, and new church starts that otherwise would be impossible to address.

Global Ministries giving priorities are as follows:

  1. General gifts that can be used where needed most
  2. Gifts to support current missionaries and new missionary appointments
  3. Critical Presence needs in each area of the world
  4. Special projects of our global partners

Designated gifts to special projects and to Critical Presence are sent to our global partners in their entirety. This is made possible by gifts to Our Church’s Wider Mission and Disciples Mission Fund along with undesignated gifts to Global Ministries.

Gifts may be made in honor or in memory of friends, family, pastors, etc. Global Ministries emphasizes this option in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Congregations can request a display and information about our annual Alternative Christmas campaign to give individuals the opportunity to participate.

¡Missionworks! attendees can provide an important link for individuals and congregations interested in connecting to Global Ministries. When talking to friends and family about Global Ministries giving opportunities. . .find your comfort level, share from your heart, share from your experience of giving, pass along feedback and questions you can’t answer and ways to connect with others.

One of the ways many congregations and individuals connect to Global Ministries is by sponsoring a child. The Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program works with partner churches and organizations to help them care for children in their communities.  “For we are God’s servants, working together.”  1 Corinthians 3:9

The Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program is committed to aiding children at-risk by providing a practical way for individuals and local churches to extend a helping hand to children that have been orphaned, abandoned, or are living in poverty. Many of the children have been affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis. Being a part of the program is truly an easy way to do Christ’s mission in the world. Participating sponsors bring hope for a better life for their sponsored children for less than $1.00 a day. Through your generosity, together we can help meet children’s needs and make a lasting and profound difference in the lives of children around the world.    

For more information regarding Special Giving Opportunities, contact Resource Development at (317) 713-2555 or gifts@dom.disciples.org

For information about Child Sponsorship, contact Linda Lawrence at (216) 736-3222 or lawrencl@ucc.org