UCC and Disciples from the Northwest Visit the PROK in South Korea

UCC and Disciples from the Northwest Visit the PROK in South Korea

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Delegates from the United Church of Christ Pacific Northwest Conference and the Northwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples) traveled in May 2010 as guests of the East Seoul Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK).  This trip was part of an every-other year exchange visit with Korean Christians.  On alternate years Korean delegates visit the Northwest. This partnership has been active since 1993.

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Disciples attending are: Ted Blum (layman Lake Washington, Kirkland), Kathy & David Helseth (Englewood, Yakima), John Williams (First, Tacoma).

UCC Conference members attending are: Ed Evans (Suquamish), Kang Ja Royle (Mill Creek), Jim Spraker (Plymouth, Seattle), Terry Teigen (Horizon House, Seattle).

The PROK and Northwest Global Church Partnership is under the auspice of Global Ministries, the joint mission outreach of the UCC and DOC denominations.  The PROK seeks to go beyond the narrow, traditional concept of mission, and are committed to participating in God’s salvation work in society and history.  They were the first Presbyterian group in Korea to ordain women as elders and ministers.  The PROK comprise 1,442 congregations with almost 400,000 members.  They have 1,800 ordained clergy.  The PROK has been a prophetic voice for democratization, human rights, and reunification, protesting against military dictatorship

One of the purposes of the PROK partnership is to deepen church ties and learn more about each other’s cultures.  The group will have in-depth worship experiences and some visiting delegates have been asked to preach in local services.  Visits will be made to a wide variety of outreach and social justice ministries sponsored by the church.

Congregations of our delegation will enter into a Litany of Commissioning in worship on May 9th.  The Litany affirms the commitment of the delegates and the promise of support in prayer by the congregation.  Each delegates receives a Global Ministries pin and the service ends with the blessing, “May you travel well and be well.”

Upon their return delegates are available and willing to share their exchange experiences through pictures and testimony.  Please contact any of them directly to set up a time for your congregation.

The Northwest Region and the Pacific Northwest Conference share this exciting Global Ministries partnership.