Sabeel Wave of Prayer: Week of Nov. 29, 2021

Sabeel Wave of Prayer: Week of Nov. 29, 2021

Last week, Kumi Now Online focused on the topic of Kairos Palestine, hearing from Nora Carmi. On Tuesday, 7th December, Kumi Now will hear from a speaker on the topic of Human Rights.

  • Lord, we raise our voices together with the voice of Kairos Palestine. We pray for an end to the occupation of Palestine and that international lawmakers and governments around the world will actively condemn Israel for their plans to annex more Palestinian land. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayers.

On the evening of Saturday, 4th December, Palestinian Christians will celebrate the lighting of the Christmas tree in Manger Square, Bethlehem. Due to no tree lighting ceremony being possible in 2020, Bethlehem Municipality has promised that this will be a spectacular event, even with the absence of many tourists due to travel restrictions.

  • Dear Lord, we are grateful that even in times of strife and darkness you come to bring light into the world. Grant that the celebrations will pass without incident and that those attending will be able to enjoy the event in a safe manner. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayers.

With the new ‘Omicron’ Covid-19 variant spreading around the world, Israel took the decision to close the country to all international travelers who are not residents or citizens. Taking effect from midnight on Sunday 28th December, this closure is planned to last for two weeks.

  • Lord, we pray for the hotels and the many others who rely on the tourist industry, may they and their families be supported through this difficult time when no one knows when tourists may return. Give the authorities in Palestine and Israel the foresight to see that support is needed and the ability to grant that support. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayers.

Israeli authorities, on Wednesday 24th November, granted initial permission for a new settlement to be constructed on the former Qalandia Airport site in East Jerusalem. The settlement, if constructed, would see 9,000 homes for illegal Israeli settlers and would separate the West Bank  and the East Jerusalem area of Kufr Aqab from the remainder of East Jerusalem.

  • God of the oppressed, the world continues to watch on as settlement construction continues to limit and surround the lives of many Palestinians. We pray that actions, not just words, will come from those in positions of power around the world, and that this, and other developments will be stopped. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayers.

An 18-year-old Palestinian was beaten by five young men in Jerusalem on Tuesday, 23rd November. Bashar Masalha and his friend Nathan Sara were attacked by a group of five Israeli young men, armed with a knuckle duster, as they walked home from college. They stated that they were attacked and cursed as they were walking and speaking Arabic. Attacks like these are becoming more common in Jerusalem with young Palestinians being encouraged to avoid the area of West Jerusalem.

  • Dear Lord, we pray that Bashar will have a swift and full recovery from his physical and emotional injuries. We are thankful for Nathan and his efforts to protect his friend during this unprovoked attack. We pray that those responsible are brought to justice and that everyone has the freedom to walk where they wish, without the threat of violence. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayers.

For Jews around the world, Sunday, 28th November, marks the start of the 8 days of Hanukkah.

  • Lord of light, we wish our Jewish brothers and sisters a blessed time as they celebrate this time of light in the midst of darkness. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayers.

Sunday, 28th November marked the beginning of the blessed season of Advent around the world. The first candle, ‘The Prophet’s Candle’, was lit, symbolizing hope as we look forward into this time of anticipation.

  • Lord we are reminded that this is the land you chose to come to, bringing your hope and tidings of your Kingdom. We pray for the many Churches in our land, that your Spirit will be with us all, as we prepare to welcome you anew this Christmas. Lord, in Your mercy…hear our prayers.
  • We join with the World Council of Churches in their prayers for the countries of Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayer.