Sharing and Giving

Sharing and Giving

India_-_Williams_20151216_155451_Spr_16.jpgSharing and giving are extremely important and is greatly enjoyed by the members of The Christian Hospital in Mungeli (CHM) and The Rambo English Medium School. Sharing everything from a skill, a story, a relationship with Christ, or an experience seems to be natural to those who grace both campuses.

Chapel is held prior to work every day. It starts with prayer, then two staff members or nursing students lead the service by sharing their favorite songs, Psalms, and scriptures. Then Chapel ends with a prayer. The entire time smiles, songbooks, and Bibles are shared. This is only the start to an entire day of sharing and giving.

Everyone who works in the hospital and the outpatient department gives of themselves in countless ways. We are always tending to patients’ needs, whether by performing clinical care and sharing the best of our skills, or giving support and comfort in times of distress. This carries over to the patients and their families, who are willing to share their treatment plan with those who want to help and learn. Here, the family stays with their ill family member the entire time they are hospitalized. It is hard not to notice them sharing the entire experience with their loved one. They also provide meals and support, this is very touching and an excellent example of dedication. Frequently, nurses and doctors visit remote villages. Physical exams are performed, medication is provided, health education is rendered, and sanitation advice is given. This is a terrific service of sharing with those who are desperately in need of care and are unable to make it to the hospital due to physical and/or financial constraints. These examples of selfless sharing and giving are some of the reasons CHM is an incredible place.

Next door at the Rambo school (grades pre K-12), there are hundreds of students who want to share a simple hello and a handshake. Many love to share even more, they feel honored to demonstrate something they have learned. Going to the chalkboard for anything from how to draw a mango to explaining photosynthesis will be happily and eagerly shared. The endless smiles, generosity, and wanting to give are contagious and heartwarming. The positive energy felt when around these incredible children will bring joy to anyone and make them want to share their gifts. The teachers are overjoyed to have guest instructors share any knowledge with their students, therefore making it easy to give at The Rambo School.

I feel giving is one of the most important topics in the Bible. The constant display of giving and kindness makes me glad to be here and reminds of a Bible verse in which Paul states, “In all this I have given you an example that by such work we must support the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, for he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (New Revised Standard Version, Acts. 20:35) Giving is something that CHM and The Rambo School excel in doing. It is clear that God is using all students, staff, and volunteers that reside or visit to do great work.

Sarah Williams serves with the Christian Hospital in Mungeli, India. Her appointment is supported by Week of Compassion, Our Churches Wider Mission, Disciples Mission Fund and your special gifts.