South Sudan Multi Donor Trust Fund for "Basic Package of Health Services" Program

IMA World Health, a partner organization of Global Ministries which receives funding from One Great Hour of Sharing and Week of Compassion, has recently launched a $26.4 million dollar program in South Sudan expanded over a  40 month period of time.  This Multi Donor Trust Fund which will be used for basic health services in the Jonglei and Upper Nile regions of Sudan will have a major impact on the lives of the Sudanese people.  It is an honor to be part of this initiative.  This health care program reaches far beyond Sudan. Our partner organizations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who have participated in a similar project – "SANRU – DRC", will provide professional skills.  A number of Congolese have been asked to join the staff in order to share their skills and experience with their Sudanese brothers and sisters – an example of "South to South" transfer of skill.  As the administrators of the program will be based in Nairobi, there is the possibility that our global partners in Kenya will participate as the program progresses.

The Program Elements:  There are three main objectives in this program for the two states (Jonglei and Upper Nile):  one, to provide the Basic Package of Health Services to at least 50% of the total population (estimated at between 1.8-2.5 million); two, to rebuild and strengthen a decentralized county health system decimated by decades of civil war; and three, to provide a consultative team for the two state Ministries of Health.  The Basic Package of Health Services is a standard package of services (immunization, primary health care, maternal health, etc.) similar to that established in many countries, one that South Sudan will strive to attain as more people return home from exile and internally displaced people return to their home communities. 

The Partners:  In order to reach these three goals, IMA World Health not only relies on personnel and a proven track-record from the successful Sanru III and AXxes partnerships in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but will be working in collaboration with and providing financial support to a wide variety of partners in these two States in South Sudan.  The partners already include:

  • Adventist Development & Relief Agency International (ADRA) 
  • Presbyterian Relief & Development Agency (PRDA), 
  • The Episcopal Church of Sudan's local agency, Church & Development. 
  • The Christian Health Association of Sudan,
  • World Relief,
  • World Vision,
  • Sudan Interior Mission, 
  • Christian Mission Aid,
  • Sudan Interior Church, 
  • Sudan Medical Care, 
  • Tearfund,
  • Medair,
  • GOAL
  • ETC Crystal, 
  • The Tropical Institute of Community Health & Development