St. John's UCC Boalsburg, PA sends Luci Lights through Bible Day Camp

Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

Asjucc.pngt St. John’s United Church of Christ in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, 18 children participated in the 2017 Bible Day Camp. Each day of camp had a theme for their camp activities, games, snacks, and lessons including Love Yourself, Love Your Community, Love Your Neighbor, Love Your World, and Love God. On the day centered on Loving Your World, Bible Day Campers learned and participated in God’s global mission. Participants enjoyed flatbread and hummus from the Middle East, and listened to stories about mission experiences. Additionally, volunteers from the church, Bill and Ellen Matten shared about the work of Global Ministries and specifically about the current project of sending Luci Lights to international partners. Bill Matten brought several Luci Lights for the participants to see and use them during their discussion. Then Bill shared about how Luci Lights are charged by the sun, how they can hold a charge for many hours at night, and how they can be useful for families and individuals around the world without reliable electricity. Throughout the weeklong special mission offering, the Bible Day Campers raised the funds for Global Ministries to send 33 Luci Solar Lights to families around the world. sjucc2.png

The Bible Day Camp’s Luci Light Sun. For every $15 that was raised during the week (the amount to send one Luci Light to an international partner), a new yellow or orange ray was added to the Sun.


To learn more about Luci Lights with Global Ministries, click here.