Statement from CEOSS on the the situation in Egypt

Statement from CEOSS on the the situation in Egypt

[The following statement was issued on Friday, Feb. 11, 2011, by Global Ministries’ partner, the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services.]

The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), its board, General Director, his Vice, Sector Directors and all employees have reviewed the rapid events in the country and would like to express the following:

  • CEOSS salutes Egypt’s promising youth, the initiators of the revolution of the 25th of January, 2011, in which they asked for solutions for unemployment, poverty and corruption, and for increased freedom, democracy and devolution of power, all matters that no patriot to this country would disagree on. Also, CEOSS offers its most sincere of condolences to those who were martyred as they defended their right for a free and dignified life, and wishes their families consolation, patience and solace.
  • CEOSS salutes the position of the valiant Egyptian Army that has stood tall, protecting the country’s domestic and foreign fronts, as well as saluting Egypt’s loyal youth who helped in protecting public and private facilities, with much love to the country’s soil in the time when the country needed them the most.
  • CEOSS affirms its trust in the Police after their return to the motto “The Police is in the nation’s service” in securing facilities and spreading safety and security to the citizens of this beloved country.
  • CEOSS supports the Constitutional Legislation, and peaceful transfer of authority, and appeals to all of the groups of the community that dialogue, and dialogue alone, be the method of agreeing on solutions to Egypt’s political, economic and social problems, denouncing all forms of violence.
  • CEOSS trusts that demands for democracy, freedom and security, and hard work towards fulfilling that trilogy does not conflict with the denominational demands that were strongly raised in recent times.

For that, CEOSS calls upon the government and the civil community to promptly look into methods of limiting unemployment and raising minimum wages and calls upon those who work in social and thought development of Egyptians to aim to create a dignified life for them. This matter will most certainly increase economic security and social peace. Moreover, CEOSS appeals to the state to exert more effort to attract investments to projects outside the Nile Valley that has become overpopulated, protecting the cultivated area from the notorious erosion that threatens it as it is the main provider for farmers and the source of food to the Egyptian citizen, and to provide more job opportunities for the promising youth of our country.

God Help you and us…