Statement on Easter Bombings from the Church of the American Ceylon Mission, Sri Lanka

Statement from the Church of the American Ceylon Mission

We the Church of the American Ceylon Mission vehemently condemn the brutal and cowardice bomb attacks that took place on Easter Sunday the 21st of April, 2019, targeting Churches and Star hotels in Colombo, Negombo, and in Batticaloa. The attacks took place in eight places, including 3 Churches and 3 Star hotels, targeting innocent people - women, children, and foreign nationals - killing 290 and injuring 500. We consider these attacks on worshippers who gathered in the churches to receive the blessings and the peace of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ is against the norms of the civilized society and a threat to those who love justice and peace of the whole world.

We the Church of the American Ceylon Mission request the cooperation of every peace-loving citizen of Sri Lanka irrespective of religion and ethnicity to join hands to eradicate terrorism in any form from our country. When the country is moving towards creating a just society, we should not give room for the evil-minded forces to create enmity among different groups and religions. We cannot afford another war whatsoever.

We the Church of the American Ceylon Mission request religious leaders, political leaders and authorities to take immediate steps to control spreading rumors, action to arrest the involved, and maintain law and order in this country. We also request the authorities to take necessary steps to maintain religious harmony in this multi-religious and multi-ethnic country.

We take this opportunity to console the members and their family members who have been affected by yesterday's bomb blast. We pray to our Lord God to grant peace to all who are affected.

We also express our solidarity to the church leaders and their members who are affected by this act.

Maya the Peace of God be with you!

Rev. T. Thevnasan
Chairperson, Church of the American Ceylon Mission

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  • Cally Rogers-Witte
    commented 2019-04-24 16:52:34 -0400
    Our hearts are aching for the dear people of Sri Lanka and, of course, my husband and I especially send our heartfelt prayers and love to our partners, the members of the Church of the American Ceylon Mission, even as we pray for those who personally loved all the others who were killed or wounded. Most of all, we ask that the Prince of Peace bring the miracle of peace, with justice, to that beautiful country.
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