Story Told to My Child’s Perspective

Story Told to My Child’s Perspective

Micah, my son, was unsure about attending the inkonzo (worship) with me at Umzumbe. It was a church, far away, two hours away, mostly on a dirt road.

Micah, my son, was unsure about attending the inkonzo (worship) with me at Umzumbe.  It was a church, far away, two hours away, mostly on a dirt road.  He would not understand much as the worship is conducted in isiZulu.  Besides, in his opinion, I, the umfundisi (minister), usually preached the intshumayelo (sermon) for too long!  He did not need to hear more of me.  Also, Micah knew that Sunday School would be much different.  He would not know the other children either.  He feared would not know the songs.  He thought he would probably just sit and be bored.

Well, the trip to Umzumbe was far more beautiful than he expected, and it was fun turning on the winding roads.  Instead of sitting and being bored, he helped the chief deacon set up the communion table.  They could not understand each other, but the deacon used his hands to show Micah what to do.  The old man’s eyes and smile showed his approval.  Micah felt good to be useful while I prepared for worship.  Micah enjoyed looking outside of the church, seeing the river far down below.  Micah was surprised the window he looked out from was actually an open cross in the wall of the church.  That was cool!  After church was a great meal.  He had never had lunch at church after worship.

As Micah rode home from Umzumbe, he realized that he can worship God in a new place, in a different language, with people he didn’t know and in different ways.  Despite the fact that worship was different at Umzumbe, Micah new God felt that “it was good”!

Rev. Scott Couper and Rev. Susan Valiquette

Scott Couper serves with the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA). He assists the Inanda Seminary in strategic planning and serves as a management consultant.   Susan serves with Inanda Seminary, Durban, South Africa as the chaplain and an instructor.