Syria, Europe, and Refugees: 5 valuable essays and articles

The recent attention to the plight of Syrian (and other) refugees in Europe has brought to the forefront the need to address the issue, including its root cause, the war in Syria.  These recent articles and essays may be helpful in gaining a clearer understanding of some of the issues at stake.

  1. "The Terrible Flight from the Killing," by Hugh Eakin, in the New York Review of Books.
  2. "What to do with the people who do make it across?" by Daniel Trilling, in the London Review of Books.
  3. "The Failure of Refugee Camps," by Elizabeth Dunn, in the Boston Review
  4. "In the Syrian Deadlands," by Charles Glass, in the New York Review of Books
  5. "Ten Borders: A Syrian Refugee's Epic Escape," by Nicholas Schmidle, in The New Yorker

The United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) continue to offer support for the work of many partners in the region to provide humanitarian response to the needs of Syrian refugees.  Please consider supporting the work of Global Ministries' partners' relief efforts in and around Syria.  You can do that through One Great Hour of Sharing (UCC), the Week of Compassion (Disciples), or through Global Ministries directly.

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