In this season of Thanksgiving your thoughts and prayers take on a very special meaning to us as we continue to serve here at the “top of the world.” Please “read on” to learn just a bit more about highlights here over the past months. Dale & Bethsaba Nafziger – Nepal 

Dear Friends & Supporters:

Warmest greetings to you from the land of Mt. Everest.  After some unseasonable October rains the weather is drying out.  We are in the middle of the rice harvest.  Agriculture right behind our house here is like walking into a “living history book” in Biblical times.  Literally everything, even the arduous ploughing, is done by hand.  In this season of Thanksgiving your thoughts and prayers take on a very special meaning to us as we continue to serve here at the “top of the world.”  Please “read on” to learn just a bit more about highlights here over the past months.

Medical Camp
About one year ago many of you generously provided “seed capital,” allowing our church to start a community out-reach clinic.  October 15th was a special day in the life of the new clinic as our church sponsored a one-day “medical camp.”  Bethsaba expended major amounts of both time and energy in order to “get the show on the road.”  By the end of the day, 115 poor and marginalised people had been examined, and free medicine was prescribed by two doctors who generously gave of their time and talents. One facet making the day extra special was participation by the clinic’s recently-hired Community Medical Assistant, Khaushila.  She is now working in the clinic five-days each week.  Please join us in praying that the clinic will generate sufficient income for her salary—while at the same time being sensitive to the financial constraints of the many poor and needy who come seeking treatment.

Ram Kaji is “Back in Action”!
Many of you followed with interest the saga of my (Dale’s) Wonder Product’s friend and colleague, Ram Kaji, as he recovered from spinal injuries incurred in a July truck-accident.  It is with both elation and thanksgiving that I report, “Ram Kaji is back in action.”  He is a bit thinner and a bit wiser—but otherwise he is his “same old self.”  We thank God for the gift of physical healing!

Connected to the story of Ram Kaji is the new “mango/pear” juice product I mentioned in our last letter.  Unfortunately, due to technical problems, it “didn’t quite happen.”  The good news, however, is that we have pinpointed the source of the problem and, despite a significant financial set-back, it didn’t totally ruin our company.  What a blessing (!)—in a land where so many people financially “live on the brink” (at the mercy of money lenders).  One major family illness or one major failed crop…and they symbolically “go over the edge.”  I am continually thankful for the “safety net” God has placed in both our personal and business lives.  In the West this is often taken-for-granted, but in the East it is a blessing—that so many of this world’s inhabitants can only dream of!

Dale “Turns Over” Another Year
On Halloween I celebrated 18,628 days of life-on-earth (you can figure out my age in years if you wish)!  Even at this rather young middle-age, each day is becoming more and more of a special “gift from above.”  I wonder how much more-of-a-gift it will be if I live into my 80s?

Other Recent “Happenings”
•     Increased “Increased Responsibility.”  Last newsletter I wrote about Bethsaba being temporarily appointed chairperson of our church’s leadership team.  A committee meeting since then formalised her appointment on a permanent basis.  Please continue to remember Bethsaba and the many “hats she wears” (leadership team, counselling at the hospital, coordination of the out-reach clinic, housewife, mother…)!

•     Continuing Political Uncertainty.  Nepal continues to pass through difficult and uncertain political times during which church leaders continue to debate the extent to which they should or should not become involved.  As you might imagine, there are no simple answers.  We would especially, therefore, request your continuing prayers for wisdom regarding this sensitive matter.

•     A Trivial Matter Perhaps.  One of the things we strive for most here in Nepal is to provide both our children and ourselves with a stable home environment.  One of the ways we achieve this is by having several dogs as pets.  About one month ago our German Shepherd, Molli, became quite ill.  We thought that a course of antibiotics had “cleared things up.”  When we took her for what we thought would be a normal “family planning” operation (as they are called here) in early November, however, the veterinarian had to perform major, life-saving, surgery on-the-spot.  Interestingly, dogs are very robust creatures.  Literally the very next morning Molli was “up wagging her tail” and waiting for her traditional morning walk—taking Sushma and Shova out to the school-taxi stop.  We thank God for the pets He has given us!

Looking Ahead….
We are anticipating the arrival of US Thanksgiving and the Christmas-holiday season.  This is an opportune time to share our faith with those around us in simple, non-threatening ways.  Our church is planning a holiday outreach.  The intent is simply to explain to friends and neighbours around us “Why we celebrate Christmas”—no “hidden agenda.”  Please remember this in your prayers.  One of the things that will make this holiday season special for we as a family is a forthcoming visit from my mother June and also my brother Don and his family.  Don has been very supportive of our Rasilo orange juice manufacture and is coming to assist in “debugging” a number issues we continue to face in that regard.

Finally, I began this letter with a word of thanksgiving and I wish to close on a similar note also.  Thank you most sincerely, dear friends, for your thoughts, prayers and giving—which make our continued long-term service here at the “top of the world” possible.  This has been an continues to be very special to us!  When you think of us throughout the upcoming holiday season, please also consider sending a financial gift to one of our three sponsoring organisations:

Mennonite Mission Network
Global Ministries (UCC/Disciples of Christ)
Mennonite Central Committee.

More again, after this year’s juice processing is completed!

For Sushma, Shova, Bethsaba & myself—Dale
Dale & Bethsaba Nafziger are missionaries with the United Mission for Nepal.  Dale serves as an electrical engineer.  Bethsaba works for the health department of the United Mission to Nepal in midwifery and general nursing.