The Importance of Youth in the ELCJHL: June 2015

The Importance of Youth in the ELCJHL: June 2015

“We believe the priority is to give our children education…education that molds their identity, that helps them understand the other, and to help them live with the other who is different – by religion, by thought, by ideology, by race, by color. Or to learn how to use the muscles of the brain and not the muscle of the arm in dealing with conflict resolution.”

Learn about the work of the ELCJHL and what they are doing to help and youth and children through the Lutheran Schools in the Holy Land.

Please pray for our youth and young adults this summer. We ask that you pray especially for those who are traveling to church events around the world, including the ELCA Youth Gathering; Sweden; Germany; India for the Model United Nations; and more.

This time of year is also the time when our youth get together for summer youth conferences. Please pray that they would share their experiences and the love of Christ with one another.

We also ask that you pray for our Tawjihi students. The Tawjihi is the test taken by graduating students for college entry. Students graduate before they receive their test results. Please pray for those waiting to hear their scores.