The Link: The Judaization of Jerusalem / Al-Quds

The Link, published on a bi-monthly basis, is Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU)'s primary education and information tool. More than 175 issues of The Link have followed since the first issue written by Humphrey Walz appeared in 1968. For the first two decades of its existence, The Link was virtually the only national periodical published for a diverse audience by an American non-profit organization that persistently challenged the prevailing myths and stereotypes about Arabs, Muslims and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Current Issue

Why the title “The Judaization of Jerusalem/Al-Quds”? For one thing, says Basem Ra'ad, author of our Sept.-Oct. 2018 Link issue, the taking of land from one people and giving it to another based on an exclusive blood line is, simply put, racist and the worst form of apartheid.  Basem Ra’ad is a professor at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem. This is his second feature article for The Link.

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