The National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH) on the present crisis in Haiti

The National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH) on the present crisis in Haiti

The National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH) expressed recently its discomfort with the skyrocketing inflation on Haitian economy and the government failure to prosecute embezzlement from a multi-billion dollar Venezuelan program, aimed to provide discounted oil to Haiti.  Protests have escalated to the point of people being killed in the streets and the stoning of the President’s House.

In that context, CONASPEH praised the bravery and the determination of the Haitian people as they face the present situation in the country and criticized the” demagogic behavior of some Haitian political leaders who seem to have delighted in manipulating the people for their petty interests.” Dr. Francoise Villier, CONASPEH’s General Bishop and President, stated that the violent impunity that characterizes Haitian society is the result of bad faith in most Haitian political leaders – who practice corruption to enrich themselves to the detriment of the people who are eager for justice. The Christian organization is questioning the complicit silence of the elite in the face of this deep crisis.

CONASPEH pleaded for awareness and a change of mentality among political leaders in the country. Haiti doesn’t need 40 days of fasting, nor a pilgrimage to have its sins atoned, nor a new ceremony at the Caiman Wood to regain the strength of the spirits. “Haiti needs a renewed understanding of our possibilities to recover what has been lost and to raise our country out of a sinking boat into the wide open sea. Haiti deserves to leave in harmony and peace,” proclaimed Dr. Villier.

On February 11, 2019, CONASPEH released the following press statement:

CONASPEH notes with much bitterness the disastrous situation in which the country is stuck.
The National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches considers this economic crisis is the result of a structural crisis. The Haitian population is tired in the face of the atrocious misery that is plaguing the country.

Thirsty for political justice and social justice, for about five days even the most fortunate and competent authorities of the country can not go about their activities in front of the anger of the Haitian population.

It is time for the people to understand that we must not continue to destroy ourselves. We are backtracking day by day, because Haiti is the poorest country in the hemisphere. The vital forces of the nation must look for an urgent way to mitigate this situation.

Haiti is not a poor country as it is claimed, but a country torn by hatred, internal struggle, lack of mutual understanding, tolerance, and sharing that leads us to chaos. Faced with this dilemma, it is necessary to make a sacrifice and a surpassing of oneself through a negotiated solution in an inter-Haitian dialogue.

If the President must leave power for the well-being of the Haitian people, he should do it.

No political force can claim this movement of anger from a starving people who suffer from the bad management of leaders, after decades of bad governance. CONASPEH believes that the system needs to be changed.

May the Lord bless Haiti and protect her children,

Dr. Françoise St Vil Villier
General Bishop and President of CONASPEH