The Protestant Churches of Egypt on Florida church's plan to host an "International Burn the Qur'an" Day

In response to the declaration by the Dove World Outreach Center, which describes itself as "a New Testament Church", to host an "International Burn the Quran Day" on the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the Protestant Churches of Egypt have issued the following statement:

"The Protestant Churches of Egypt are saddened to receive the very unfortunate news concerning the Protestant minister in Florida who called to burn the Koran as a memorial to September 11 attack. As the Church sincerely regrets this destructive thought and declares total rejection of any attack against others' religions and beliefs, which is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ that are encouraging love and respect for others regardless their affiliation or religion, and every person of all mankind is seen as a brother. The Protestant Church of Egypt, in cooperation with its counterparts in US and the whole world, will be making efforts to undermine such extremist ideas, which only produce more tension and violence between people who are the creation of the one God whom we serve, all of us. The Protestant Church confirms its love and respect for all Muslims in our country as well as  in the whole world."

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