Thenkarai Food Security Program: Milk Producers’ Associations

Economic Development and Cultural Changes in the Villages of South India

Women who were not wives of beneficiaries, but who were from among the landless labor group were organized into registered Milk Producers’ Associations. 92 women in four villages have been organized and they were each helped to acquire a cow with a two week old calf.  Milk was collected in a common shed in each village and was sent in sealed containers after recording the measurement to the Governmentt sponsored Milk Producers Association who arranged for collecting the sealed milk cans and paid each association by check.  A total of 147 cows have been given. However, in the year 2008 a serious impediment struck the program.  Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic broke out and 22 adult animals and 18 calves succumbed to the disease.  In spite of this impediment,  a total of 104 second generation cows are owned by some 52 women at present.  We are making sure that there would be some minimal help maintained particularly in helping them to take care of their animals through regular visits of a Veterinarian