Together in Hope: Exploring the Beatitudes Daily Devotional





Together in Hope: Exploring the Beatitudes is a daily devotional with reflections, questions, and prayers about Matthew 5:3-12, otherwise known as the Beatitudes. The devotions themselves are from partners, mission coworkers, and staff from Southern Asia.

The word “beatitude” means to be blessed, prosperous,
or abundant. The beatitudes challenge traditional attitudes of what it means to be blessed, emphasizing the idea that those with certain intangible traits and circumstances are blessed as opposed to those who have wealth and power. Jesus challenged his disciples (and all of us) to show love, compassion, and hope to others. The Beatitudes were not shared as the way of life for followers of Christ. 

Many people in the world today need this message of change, reform, justice, hope, peace, and love. By living out the Beatitudes, we bless others and learn how to love our neighbors as ourselves. As you read through this devotional and meditate on the Beatitudes, we hope that you will grow in becoming a blessing to those around you.

This 10-part devotional is available in print for $5 or as a digital download for $2.50.



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