Tropical Sands Christian Church honors Father's Day with a gift to support water projects

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

As an annual tradition, Tropical Sands Christian Church always gives a gift to honor each of the men in church on Father’s Day. As the years have gone by, it has become quite difficult to think of new gift ideas. When Pastor Joel Tucker heard about Alternative Gifts through Global Ministries, he knew it was the perfect way to honor the men in church on Father’s Day.

fathersday.jpgThe church chose to give an Alternative Gift of Water, which provides support for the life-giving water projects of global partners. In explaining this decision, Pastor Joel Tucker shared, “Water projects are in the news, and Global Ministries has them in progress. Global Ministries even had a Father’s Day e-Card to recognize the donation! It took maybe five minutes to make the donation, receive the e-Card, redistribute it to everyone in the church, post it on Facebook, and make a slide for the Sunday morning service.”

Everyone in the church loved the idea, and the church members are discussing already which Alternative Gift they will make to honor women in the church next year for Mother’s Day. Several men in the church shared that they preferred being honored with an Alternative Gift that supports a global water project instead of receiving and losing another bookmark!

To learn more about Alternative Giving with Global Ministries, click here.


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