Ubuntu in Swaziland (Rev. Gideon Dlamini, Swaziland)

The philosophy of the Neighbourhood Care Points (NCP) of the Kukhaney’okusha Zion Church in Swaziland is UBUNTU. We believe that even orphans cannot be orphans when there are neighbours and relatives. So, the NCP programme does not create orphanage homes and schools, it protects the UBUNTU fabric by integrating the service within the community’s way of life. There the orphaned children can still have a home even without parents.  The concept works like this: the community comes together to provide a home environment for the children whose parents died due to AIDS.  The families housing them may not have food or even clothes for the orphaned children, but they wake up each morning in a home environment. They assemble at the community centre where they will get food, pre-school lessons, toys and sometimes clothing from the donor community. These kids grow up with the UBUNTU spirit. They understand that they themselves have to help others when they become old enough to work, in the same way that they were helped. So the spirit of UBUNTU lives and is a way of life. 

Learn more about the NCPs from the website www.kukhanyokusha.com under the tab “Kukhanyokusha Cares.”

Rev. Gideon Dlamini is the General Secretary of Global Ministries partner, Kukhanyokusha Zion Church in Swaziland.