UCC Japan Pastor Responds to Killing of Kenji Goto

UCC Japan Pastor Responds to Killing of Kenji Goto

Thank you for praying for Mr. Kenji Goto.

Ever since the 20th of January we have been praying for the release of both Mr. Yukawa and Mr. Goto in worship and in our prayer gatherings. On January 30, we held a special prayer service: “A Prayer Service Calling for the Release of Japanese Hostages in Syria, and for Peace in Syria.”

The Kyodan (UCCJ) also called an emergency prayer service on January 29. We know that many churches and individuals have similarly offered their prayers, for which we are grateful.

Mr. Kenji Goto was a member of our church and we were blessed to share in the communion of faith with him. On some occasions we had the chance to hear about his work and to learn about the lives of children who live in war ravaged areas.

The news of Mr. Goto’s death on February 1 was a great shock to us and we cannot hold back our sadness and grief. We pray for the families who have lost their loved ones and pray that God will comfort and sustain them.

We continue to pray for the peace of Christ, for the people living in war torn areas, and especially for the children in these areas.

February 2, 2015

Rev. Kazuto Takahashi, Denenchofu Church (UCCJ)