UPC News – May 2018

UPC News – May 2018

The Congo Protestant University shares stories of current students and updates on academic programs at the university in their most recent update. 

Grace is in her fourth year of medical school at UPC. Her home is in the province of Kwilu, a rural area some 200 miles east of Kinshasa.

Grace says the course that interests her the most is oncology and she also loves the study of cells, which is necessary to understand the growth of cancer. She is interested in doing research but there in is no cancer research facility at UPC or anywhere else in Congo.

Carine is from the town of Mweka in the interior of the Congo more than 400 miles east of Kinshasa. Mweka was recently in the center of fighting between local warlords which caused the population to flee and schools to be converted into military camps.

Carine says her studies are going well, and during this year, she has been working at an internship in a criminal court in Kinshasa. This summer, she will be finishing her third year of law school. She wants to be a lawyer or a judge, but in order to reach that goal, she needs to continue her studies in Europe. The scholarship helps her immensely – without it, she could not study at UPC.

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