Updates from Jackman Memorial Hospital

jackman1.jpgLocated in Bilaspur, India, Jackman Memorial Hospital and Nursing School is beginning a new project focusing on lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine is a branch of medical research which uses data on patients’ nutritional habits, physical activity, amount of rest, and substance intake to recommend lifestyle changes to aid in the management of symptoms as well as decrease future risk of disease and to reduce stress. Jackman Memorial is one of the first medical facilities in India to adopt this new approach to personalized patient care, and the very first in the state of Chhattisgarh.

jackman2.jpgAdditions to the hospital grounds will allow ongoing research in lifestyle medicine as well as provide space for patients to engage in physical exercise that can yield important data for treating their conditions. The hospital has utilized funds from Global Ministries to construct a beautiful exercise field surrounded by a 12-foot concrete track 200 meters in diameter. In addition to walking and jogging, numerous activities can be undertaken on the new grounds including football, field hockey, and traditional Indian games. In the future, the hospital would like to cover the track with synthetic athletic surfacing for increased durability. Additionally, Jackman Memorial hopes to construct three indoor badminton courts with synthetic floors and two outdoor tennis courts.

Jackman Memorial Hospital is a hospital of the Church of North India. To learn more about the work of the Church of North India, click here.


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