Update from Mungeli

Update from Mungeli

While great medical care is a top priority at the Christian Hospital in Mungeli (CHM), providing  the latest clinical and administrative technology is of utmost importance as well.  Two separate software packages have been purchased and installed, and are now in the process of being incorporated into daily use by the staff, both at the hospital as well as for the Rambo English School. 

These latest software packages replace an older system and make it possible for key personnel to manage a myriad of information.  The hospital payroll software package is a management system including a master control module, along with subsets that help keep track of many transactions, reports, policies, staff leave, payroll and other projects. Utilizing this system should save many hours of time.

The system for use in the Rambo English School gives those administrators the ability to access information on each student from Nursery to Grade 11, approximately 600 total.  Information pertaining to student admissions, concession fees,  academic progress, attendance, vital family and personal history can be reviewed and edited as necessary.   Also, the application makes it convenient for managing teaching schedules, subject material,  time and attendance, and  financial matters.  Different types of reports are available for print daily, weekly, monthly or annually.  Training has been provided for the users of these systems.

As well as improving administrative capabilities, other great things are happening here too. On October 1, another group of first year nursing students arrived for their training.  The student nurses, aside from all of their required academic studies, devote a great deal of their personal time in bible studies and the arts.  As a result of this deep commitment and dedication, six of these young bible scholars competed with other students from many churches in the surrounding communities.  I was privileged to attend one of these competitions in which the students from CHM took three trophies.  I was so excited and proud to see their accomplishment and their hard work pay off.  The first  trophy was awarded to all 6 students for discipline, and a second place trophy was awarded  for fastest response in bible reference and the other 2nd place trophy was awarded for painting.

It was a heartwarming experience seeing how knowledgeable and how genuinely enthusiastic everyone was during every aspect of the competition.

A major upgrade to the dental suite is the installation of two dental chairs and a dental x-ray unit.    These latest technologies are available for the patients at a cheaper rate without compromising good dental care.

As you can see, God’s work is being done here in many ways, and always the staff continues to find better ways to serve the patients.  The good news of Christian values and good will are a major part of the CHM community, the greater area of Mungeli and beyond.