Waging Peace!

Waging Peace!

Odyssey Networks Waging Peace Initiative Partnership with the United Nations for the International Day of Peace

Odyssey Networks Waging Peace Initiative
Partnership with the United Nations for the International Day of Peace

We want to make you aware of a new campaign we will launch on August 25 and run through September 30 in partnership with the United Nations in observance of the UN International Day of Peace on September 21.  This campaign aligns with our Waging Peace Initiative.

We are in the process of contacting members’ outreach programs and youth workers about becoming a Waging Peace partner.  It could be that you have produced content that would be appropriate for our International Day of Peace Campaign. We would like to make such content available on our Web site during the campaign if you have appropriate productions. If you haven’t heard from them already, either Lynn or Vivian will contact you in the next few days to explore possibilities. 

As background, Odyssey Networks seeks to build bridges of understanding among people of different cultures and faith perspectives, which is central to our mission. We do this through the media we create and the causes our media serve. The issue of peace in all of its aspects is a value that helps us express that mission. Thus, we want to bring diverse people and groups together to put their ideals into action by working for causes that create a peaceful world. We have, therefore, created an umbrella initiative called Waging Peace under which we will produce some of our media and develop initiatives and campaigns. Waging Peace will allow us to address various causes like war and disarmament, global warming, hunger, racism, domestic violence and many others.

Below are the International Day of Peace campaign details about how your denomination or organization can get involved:

What better way to start off the fall season than to get involved with peace building. Below are ways you can join with Odyssey Networks in observance of the International Day of Peace:

1. Become a Waging Peace Partner: Join other denominations and congregations online to show that we are united in waging peace. All we need from you to get started is your logo to post on the Odyssey Networks Web site. We will link like visitors to your Web site so they can learn more about your work and support your causes.

2. Advocate peace:

a. Upload your video, music, peace prayer and affirmations into the Peace Album that will be shared with the United Nations and all who visit the Web site. Reach out to your network of friends and colleagues to invite them to send messages as well.

b. “Speak Truth to Power”, an activity for your youth group and for the adults in your congregation. Youth can upload messages into a special youth site and easily send messages to government representatives to encourage legislators to sign the disarmament agreement.

3.  Promote Waging Peace and International Day of Peace among your network and your congregations: Odyssey Networks will provide you with press releases and ready-to-email announcements about the calls-to-action and how congregations can get involved for your newsletters and email blasts. All we need is a contact person to whom to forward an announcement, and the number of people on your email list in order to determine the potential number of people who might read the announcement

4.  Become a Waging Peace Sponsor for a modest investment in youth. $250 – $500 will help Odyssey Networks help create a unique Waging Peace Web experience for young people that will encourage them to get involved in the peace process. Sponsorship entitles you and/or organization to a special recognition on the Web site, in press releases, and in all print materials.

We believe that faith groups and faith organizations have historically played a unique role in the peace process around the globe. We also believe that congregations in communities across the country serve to build peace at home and abroad.

Thank you in advance for any support you can provide for this campaign.

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