WCC NEWS: Early morning business: EAs accompany Bedouin shepherds in Jordan Valley

WCClogo_colour_ENG.jpgBy Albin Hillert*

”10 minutes is the rule, so you make a lot of noise in your room at 5.50 if the other EA isn’t up.”

Shepherding is early morning business, and international accompaniers from the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (WCC-EAPPI) play a particular role, as they offer protective presence to Palestinian communities on the West Bank.

EAPPI_logo.jpgA group of ecumenical accompaniers (EAs) stationed in Jericho explain that they accompany communities up north, in the Jordan Valley, where Bedouins struggle to maintain access to their lands. 

*Albin Hillert is communication officer for the World Council of Churches

This article includes a photo essay.  For the full article with photos, click here.



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