On a Saturday afternoon in August 1806, five college students gathered in a field to discuss the spiritual needs of those living in Asian countries. When a thunderstorm arose, they took shelter on the side of a haystack and prayed. This gathering came to be called the Haystack Prayer Meeting, launching the modern American mission movement.

Global Ministries traces its mission roots to the Haystack Prayer Meeting. Learn how the history of the Haystack event is meaningful to mission today.

Plan to devote a Sunday to discussion and examination of the meaning of call and mission in the church, both local and global.  Worship and study resources are available here.  You may choose the full-color Haystack bulletin covers, liturgical elements for worship, mission stories both past and current, Bible study, and suggestions for youth activities.

Celebrate with the many available resources, including worship, education, and history.

Haystack Bicentennial Celebration
Plan a Church Family Night in honor of the 200th Anniversary of the Haystack Prayer Meeting
Plan a Prayer Vigil for Global Mission
Tamil Community in Australia Celebrates Haystack Anniversary
Two Anniversaries: Haystack 200th Celebrated On The Eve of UCC 50th 

Worship and Study Resources
Haystack Hymn: In the Shelter of a Haystack [PDF]
Permission granted for one time use in conjunction with this celebration of the Haystack bicentennial.
Haystack Bulletin Covers [PDF]
Haystack Litany [PDF]
Litany of Rededication
Prayer of Confession
Children’s Moment [PDF]
God's Call to Mission: Haystack Bible Study
Haystack Song
The Field is the World: A 6-part series of reflections on the Haystack Prayer Meeting

Youth and Children
Haystack Skit
1: A Haystack Prayer Meeting Resource for Children Grades 1-5 [PDF]
2: A Haystack Prayer Meeting Resource for Children Grades 1-5 [PDF]
3: A Haystack Prayer Meeting Resource for Children Grades 1-5 [PDF]
Haystack Pop Quiz (6th Grade to Adult)

More About the History of Mission
Timeline of Mission
The History of the Haystack Prayer Meeting
The Haystack Prayer Meeting In-Depth, written for 100th Anniversary in 1906
Haystack Participant: Harvey Loomis
Haystack Participant: Samuel J. Mills
The beginnings of the ABCFM South Africa Mission
Before Haystack: London Missionary Society
Haystack Monument dates to storm in 1806

Historical Partnerships
American Ceylon Mission: Photos depicting the history of the American Ceylon Mission in Sri Lanka
Haystack message from Jaffna College, Sri Lanka
Global Ministries involvement in Nepal: United Mission to Nepal (UMN)
History of the Kukhany’okusha Zion Church in Southern Africa
Australian Tamil Christian communities Celebrate the Haystack Bi-Centennial

From Our Missionaries
Reflections from Turkey on the Second Haystack Centennial
Ken & Betty Frank, Turkey
From Chile and the "ends of the earth"
Elenda Huegel, Chile

Other Links
Williams College
Mission Park and the Haystack Monument
The United Church of Christ
The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)