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 This is where you can “add new”  when you are looking at page it will default to add a new “whatever you are looking at”.  For example if you want to add a new news story this way you have to be looking at an actual missionary story or news story (NOT the page that lists them all)

This place takes you back to the folders


Edit the body text of a page


This is where you define the properties of a page. Properties define what something is, where is goes, and how it behaves.  Titles, contact info, URL file names (aka web addresses), what country and area page it is on, are all part of the properties.


This will take you to the “status” of the page.  Here you can delete, and expire (expiring removes from public view but does not delete from the system)


Navigation–This controls what is in the “Section menu” on the left hand side of the page.