Some Irritating bugs in the System

Some Irritating bugs in the System

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*You will be asked lots of security questions such as “can we access your clipboard” ….become complacent and just say yes all the time.  If you find you cant copy and paste anything refresh your page and select yes.

* When you are typing your content…remember that Shift + Enter is a regular enter

*Sometimes, when you create a table with this system, it will split up your formatting (bold, italic, etc.) and format the whole table.  This cant be undone without changing the source code.  Remember to create any tables you might need first before formatting them.

*sometimes the search function wont work (when searching for pages to link to)

*if you want text to wrap around a picture, create a table.  Make the table small (I usually specify the width to be about 10%.).  Add your picture inside the table (or just copy and paste it). Right click on the table and select table properties and select either float left or float right)

*There is no automatic spell check in this system.  Remember to hit the ABC button