YWCA of Palestine: Join the Global Movement To Support Gaza’s Right to life

YWCA of Palestine: Join the Global Movement To Support Gaza’s Right to life

Action Alert issued by the YWCA of Palestine

In memory of four boys killed playing football on the beach in Gaza: Mohammed Bakr, 9 years old. Ahed Bakr, 10 years old. Zakaria Bakr, 10 years old. Mohammed Bakr, 11 years old.

In this time of fear and suffering, from Jerusalem to Gaza, from Hebron to Nazareth, we reaffirm that all people deserve security, justice, dignity, and peace. We mourn all who have died, been injured, or made homeless. This is not a conflict but a war… it is an offensive Israeli attack on a people who have no army, navy, or air force.

“Operation Protective Edge” as Israel calls it, is taking place in the context of Israel’s illegal military occupation and a seven year siege on Gaza. Israel controls Gaza from air, land, and sea therefore it is obliged to protect civilians not attack them according to the Geneva 4 Convention. It is criminal to collectively punish a whole population, or to target civilians, journalists, and medical workers. It is criminal to use banned weapons and gases that blow up bodies beyond recognition. These are crimes against humanity and violate humanitarian and international law.

We cannot be silent. We must hold Israel and all governments and companies accountable. With feelings of pain, grief, and anger thousands of people are taking to the streets here in Palestine and throughout the world. They are calling for an end to genocide‐‐‐the killing of children and the bombing of civilians. They are also calling for the end of the illegal Israeli Occupation‐‐‐ the building of the illegal wall and the settlements it protects. They are calling for equal rights for all and the right of return for the over 7.5 million refugees’ worldwide. They are calling for a just peace not just a cease‐fire. Christians, Muslims, and Jews here in Palestine and Israel along with people of conscience throughout the world ask you to raise your voices, stand in solidarity, and act. The time is now.

  1. Pray for a cease‐fire and a peace with justice
  2. Mourn the deaths by holding memorial services or public readings of all the names
  3. Join local or national protest marches and demonstrations
  4. Support arms embargos like the ones that were imposed in South Africa
  5. Demand that your government stop trade with Israel or boycott Israeli products
  6. Support Palestine taking Israel to the Hague or Criminal Court of Justice for war crimes
  7. Sign petitions, post on face book, or write letters to the editor sharing your views
  8. Demand severance of diplomatic ties with Israel
  9. Demand immediate international protection of civilians