Advocacy in Middle East and Europe


  • 70+ Groups Call on Congress to Oppose Israel Anti-Boycott Act

    Over seventy national and local civil and human rights organizations, including the United Church of Christ, have endorsed a joint statement to members of Congress expressing strong opposition to the Israel Anti-Boycott Act and calling on lawmakers to reject - rather than amend - the bill.


  • Action Alert: Say no to Anti-BDS legislation

    Protect our right to use economic means to support justice and peace!

    How do we work for just peace? It’s in important question in a world where some seek to secure peace through violence. As people of faith, we believe there is another way, and one important tool in this work has always been economic leverage, or our right to manage our finances as an extension of our faith.

    That right is under attack in the U.S. Congress right now.


  • Press Release: CMEP Calls for Preservation of Status Quo and De-escalation of Violence in Jerusalem and West Bank

    At least three Palestinians have been killed and more than 300 injured in violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Three Israelis were stabbed to death with at least two more seriously injured in the West Bank settlement of Halamish. Today’s violence follows a week of escalations that started Friday, July 14 after two Israeli police officers were shot and killed by three Palestinian citizens of Israel outside the entrance to what is known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


  • Jewish, Christian and Muslim National Religious Leaders Unite for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

    In a letter to President Trump, thirty-five Jewish, Christian and Muslim national religious leaders, including the General Ministers and Presidents of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ, agree that Israeli-Palestinian peace is possible. They believe, “based on the legitimate, long-standing aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for national self-determination and security, a two-state solution still represents the most realistic way to meet essential interests of both peoples and to resolve the conflict.”


  • 3rd Thursday Alert: Urge Congress to support urgent humanitarian assistance to Gaza; end the blockade

    3rd_Thursday_logo.jpgIn August 2012, the UN predicted Gaza would be unlivable by 2020. A new UN report released this month indicates that the situation in Gaza is deteriorating even faster with declining income, employment, healthcare, education, electricity and fresh water.