2016 Special Offerings – OGHS and Week of Compassion

2016 Special Offerings – OGHS and Week of Compassion

Two Special Offerings help to financially support the work of Global Ministries: The United Church of Christ’s One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Week of Compassion offering. Both suggested offering dates happen early in the year. The 2016 suggested offering date for Week of Compassion is February 21-28 and for OGHS is March 6. For worship resources and other material related to the 2016 offering, please go to the Week of Compassion resources webpage or the OGHS resources webpage.


Global Ministries projects, partners, grants, and missionaries supported by OGHS and WOC funds in 2015:

  • Missionaries
    • WOC – Global Mission Interns: Kearstin Bailey (Hungary), Nathaniel Bailey (Jordan), Nicole Betteridge (Thailand), Henry Brewer-Calvert (Dominican Republic), Joel Cooper (Lebanon), Bethany Guy (Guadeloupe), Lauren Kabat (Chile), Tyler Reeve (Morocco), Adam Royston (Thailand), Bethany Waggoner (Ecuador), Sarah Williams (India), Kristin Wolf (Thailand)
    • OGHS – Karen Campbell-Nelson (Indonesia), Kahala Cannon (India), Anil and Teresa Henry (India), and Don Westra (Honduras)
  • Projects/Partners
    • OGHS – Women and Children’s Ministries, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Ghana); Rural and Agricultural Development, United Church of Christ in the Philippines; Human Rights Advocacy Program, CEDECOL (Colombia); Vocational Training and Rehabilitation, East Jerusalem YMCA (Israel/Palestine); Donkoi Child Development Center (Laos)
  • WOC Grants for Projects
    • Fall 2015: Steps Toward Lasting Peace (Kenya); Improving Nutrition Security Project through Low Input Gardens (Zimbabwe); Agricultural Project for Refugee Families (Democratic Republic of Congo); Goat Raising Project (China); Greening Trees Project (China); Hand-up for Migrants Aid Project (Morocco); Reformed Church in Hungary Refugee Community Center (Hungary)
    • Spring 2015: Religion and State (Israel/Palestine); Water Project (Israel/Palestine); Barns and Seeds Food Security Project (Indonesia); Food Security Support (Democratic Republic of Congo); GoiGoi Agricultural Project (Mozambique)


WeekofCompassion.gifThrough Week of Compassion, North American Disciples reach out in the name of Christ to provide emergency and long-term assistance to people in the aftermath of natural and human catastrophes, respond with help, hope and hospitality to people who have been uprooted and displaced from their homelands, support self-help programs of development and rehabilitation that empower people and communities, and encourage and support volunteer groups in “hands-on” mission and service opportunities. Disciples through WOC participate with Christians in nine other Protestant denominations in One Great Hour of Sharing, thus multiplying the effectiveness and extent of our witness many times over.


One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is the relief, refugee and development fund of the United Church of Christ.  Through One Great Hour of Sharing, United Church of Christ members reach out in the name of Christ to build sustainable communities, respond to disaster, and minister to refugees.  In cooperation with Global Ministries, Church World Service, Action by Churches Together, Interchurch Medical Assistance, Foods Resource Bank, Oikocredit, Freedom from Hunger and hundreds of local partners around the world, One Great Hour of Sharing is part of a remarkable network of service and caring that is efficient, effective and faithful.