2017 Easter Joint North-South Korea Prayer

2017 Easter Joint North-South Korea Prayer

April 2017 

Both the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) in South Korea and the Korean Christian Federation (KCF) in North Korea worked together to prepare this Joint Easter Community Prayer.

Lord, you who have defeated death and risen,
In this season where we remember the joys of resurrection,
Thank you for showing the marvels of life this spring through the vitality of green life.

Yes Lord!
This world was created beautifully in God’s eyes,
Who also sent his one and only Son, Jesus,
To save those who have sinned against You.
Lord, You have shown us how to live as God’s children,
And Your Spirit has led us not only through life,
But also through history.

But Lord,
The sorrows of the 70-years ethnic separation,
Still lingers since the time of our North/South division.
We have lost the hopes of ‘becoming one with God’,
And have sought after earthly goods instead of peace.

Pity us, Lord.
Clear away the pain-filled memories of separation,
And also the rusty barbed-wires.
Help the North and the South fulfill a life of harmony and peace,
As the farmer readies himself to till new land and plant new life,
Prepare us Lord.

Help us first open our firmly closed hearts,
So that we can embrace each other with tenderness.
Let us sow the seeds of tolerance, love and service,
And with God’s blessings,
May that land bear much fruit,
And bless our people with a life full of joy and harmony.

God of life,
Help the churches of the North and the South,
To defeat this cold death-like reality.

God of peace,
Help us work together with one united mind,
To fulfill the dreams of unification.
Help us remember the days when the North and the South once were one,
To better live into a world of harmony and peace.

God of life,
In this season of resurrection where we await the signs of spring,
Help us see the hopes of new life,
Sprouting in the cold barren land.

God of justice,
In this land where Your glory awaits,
Let the rivers of justice flow,
Bringing forth Your plans for us.

In Jesus name, the one who has defeated death and risen again,

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