2018 Global Ministries Spring Appeal

2018 Global Ministries Spring Appeal

April 2018

Dear Friends:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” –John 16:33

The Reverend Fred Rogers (known as Mr. Rogers to most) once wrote about what his mother would tell him when he saw something scary on the news. “Look for the helpers,” she would tell him, “You will always find people who are helping.” It may feel as if the world is constantly being rocked by tragedy, violence, and injustice. However, we can look for the helpers in order to find inspiration and hope.

In El Salvador, communities are plagued by violence from dangerous gangs or Maras. But if you look for the helpers, you will find the Lutheran Synod of El Salvador, which is working to end the root causes of gang-related violence through pastoral care, advocacy, programing, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. The church is providing a powerful witness, even in the midst of struggle.

In Zimbabwe, political tensions are growing as the country faces an upcoming presidential election. But if you look for the helpers, you will find the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), which is working to facilitate a peaceful election through the establishment of the I Pray, I Vote helpline. This helpline leverages the church’s moral authority, legitimacy, and mobilization capacity to promote a just election process.

praying_kids_Syria.jpgIn Syria and Iraq, people have been under the oppression of war for many years now. But if you look for the helpers, you will find the Fellowship of the Middle East Evangelical Churches, which is providing Sunday School teacher training for young people. This training nurtures young leaders and provides resources on important topics like the Bible, Theology, Christian Education, Child Pedagogy and Psychology, and child counseling through war trauma.

There are many challenges that communities all over the world are facing. But if you look for the helpers, you will find people like you who are walking with international partners through prayer, advocacy, and the giving of gifts. You are invited to be a helper by giving a gift of support to Global Ministries today.

With thanks for your help,

Reverend Julia Brown Karimu
Co-Executive, Global Ministries
President, Division of Overseas Ministries

Reverend Dr. James A. Moos
Co-Executive, Global Ministries
Executive Minister for Global Engagement & Operations, United Church of Christ
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