3rd Thursday Alert: Ask Your Congressional Offices to Attend a Virtual Briefing on H.R. 2590

3rd Thursday Alert: Ask Your Congressional Offices to Attend a Virtual Briefing on H.R. 2590

This year Israeli forces have displaced Palestinian families and destroyed Palestinian homes at a record rate.  According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, as of April 13, at least 197 Palestinian owned structures had been demolished impacting over 1,300 people – the majority of whom are children. 

The last month has also witnessed an increase in violence.  Palestinian attacks in Israel killed at least 11 Israelis.  Israeli raids in the West Bank this month have also killed at least 20 Palestinians and injured many more.  The Israeli raids were also used to arrest and detain Palestinians, including Palestinian children who are being held and tried in the Israeli military court system. That system does not afford Palestinian children basic protections or rights.  

Just over a year ago, Rep. Betty McCollum introduced groundbreaking legislation in support of Palestinian rights. H.R. 2590 ensures U.S. taxpayer funds are not used by the Israeli government to detain and abuse Palestinian children, demolish Palestinian homes and structures, or to further the unilateral annexation of Palestinian land in the West Bank. If passed, the legislation would also require the Secretary of State to certify annually that U.S. funds are not used in support of any of these practices.

On April 26, Representative McCollum and Christian faith leaders will speak at a virtual briefing in support of H.R. 2590 from 3-4:00pm ET. The briefing will include remarks from Christian leaders as well as the release of a letter in support of H.R. 2590 and calling for a Senate companion bill.

Contact Your Members of Congress Today: Ask Them to Attend or to Send a Staff Member to the April 26 briefing

You can also register to attend the briefing here.

It is important that Congress hear from you.  Let them know that you support H.R. 2590 and that Israel’s abuse of children in the military court system, its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes, and the annexation of Palestinian land must be opposed. The situation on the ground in Palestine is not improving and these practices contribute directly to the frustration that Palestinians feel.  Your voice is needed as we all push for change.  

Congress must take a proactive step to ensure U.S. funds do not contribute to the continued displacement of Palestinians people and annexation of Palestinian land.